Summer Alpine

Switzerland is the perfect summer destination, whether the Alps, lakes or tranquillity is what you are searching for. There’s plenty of choice in the mountains to run away from the heat. Plenty of activities are available for the most adventurous!

Excursions can take place during any season on request, for instance:

  • Great Alpine discoveries and lake Léman area
  • Art tours at the Fondation in Martigny, which includes works of Picasso and Monet
  • Wine tours at Vinorama or at the UNESCO terraces overlooking lake Léman
  • Thermal baths at Yverdon-les-bains, Leukerbad/Loèche-les-bains, Saillon, Ovronnaz, Val d’Illiez and Lavey-les-bains
  • Source water at Evian

Fighting cows –  dated back to Egyptian BC times  –  throughout the summer across the Alps

An ancient cow mask, found in Valais from Egyptian times

Happybus Fighting Bullscows-1cow-3

Across Switzerland, Italy and France the fighting cows have been the beloved “hobby” for those Alpine farmers. Cows are loved, caressed and bred for fighting from the Val d’Herens stock. They are considered one of the oldest animals know to man, emanating from antiquity, Egypt. The fights happen throughout the summer. National and Country champions emerge, in the different categories. How do they “win”? A lot of head butting with the weaker animal turning away.