Terms & Conditions

Happybus Terms and Conditions

1) Application

These terms and conditions of Happybus Sàrl (called hereafter Happybus) regulate the conditions between you and Happybus when booking with Happybus. This applies completely independently whether you book the services over the Internet, per e-mail or phone.

If other persons use the services booked by you, as e.g. the co-passengers at a transfer, the same terms and conditions apply for all participants.

The only responsible person towards Happybus for payment or eventually other engagements is the one who has booked the service with Happybus . She/he is responsible for the total of all services booked even if other persons are accompanying.

Happybus offers Private Transfers. This means that you book with Happybus your individual private transfer.

2) Offers without commitment

The services and offers mentioned on www.www.happybus.ch website are not linked to any obligation for Happybus. Happybus can cancel or modify at any time these indications. Same applies if Happybus offers services by e-mail, phone and letters as well as on flyers and prints of any kind. All these offers are without commitment.

Happybus is not responsible under any legal title for these indications.

3) Registration

If you want to book via Internet with Happybus you have to register first. Happybus needs this registration to offer you a correct service.

Only real persons and persons with full ability are allowed to register. Bookings for companies or corporations are only allowed to be done by authorized real persons of that company or corporations. No pseudonyms etc. are allowed. Happybus relies on your indications at carrying out the contract. Should you suffer damage/penalties due to wrong/incorrect or invalid (no more valid) indications and Happybus not able to give the service, you are entirely responsible for your damage and the agreed price is still to be paid. (Travel insurance recommended for delays/illness/events).

4) Booking of Happybus services

If you want to book a service with Happybus, Internet is the easiest way via www.happybus.ch.

The offer is available up to 96 hours before providing the service. For booking within these 96 hours please call the office +41 21 791 24 22 or send an email. You are bound to your enquiry (our offer) during 2 working days.

You get your confirmation or negative reply within 2 working days. If you don’t get any reply from Happybus within these two working days, no contract can be made. Happybus’ silence cannot be interpreted as a confirmation. Happybus tries to reply within the shortest delay to last minute bookings (96 hours or less before providing service).

If Happybus cannot accept your request for booking and makes an offer for an alternative proposal, it is not a binding agreement for Happybus .

Happybus is authorized to use third parties or companies for the booked services.

5) Confirmation of booking – Your voucher

As proof of contract conclusion you get a booking confirmation.This booking confirmation has a number and is only valid for the persons with their names mentioned.The booking confirmation is not transferable. The booking confirmation has to be shown to the driver when getting on board the car or start of service.

The driver, respectively Happybus can refuse the service, if the booking confirmation cannot be shown or other persons than the initially mentioned persons want to travel with us.

6) Children

If you want to book a transfer and travel with children under 12 Years (or smaller than 150 cm) you have to mention them when booking. Children under 12 years (or smaller than 150 cm) need a child seat. They are not allowed to travel next to the driver. The driver, respectively Happybus, is allowed to refuse the transfer if the child seat has not been booked and the driver not able to supply such a seat within a useful time. If the child seat has to be rented at another company the rental costs are at your expenses.

7) Luggage

You are allowed carrying with you in motor cars a normal size piece of luggage and a hand luggage. If you have voluminous luggage more luggage (ski, snowboard, golf bag, etc.) you have to inform Happybus at the time of booking.

If Happybus is not informed about additional voluminous luggage, then it can refuse to transport them. It is Happybus’ decision whether this luggage can be transported.

8) Animals

Animals have to be declared when booking. Non declared animals will not be transported. According to the size of the animal, Happybus is allowed to ask for a ticket for the animal.

Dogs are only transported with a muzzle.

Happybus as well as the driver can refuse the transfer of animals if the before mentioned conditions are not followed.

9) Eating, drinking and smoking

Travellers are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in Happybus vehicles. Happybus (the driver) is authorised to exclude travellers from further transportation if they do not follow these rules despite exhortation and under exclusion of any liability of Happybus. Happybus will not offer any refund of the ticket. Transport can be refused to passengers on alcohol or drugs without any refund.

10) Payment

Your booked service has to be paid totally when finalising the contract. Bookings over the Internet (booking request) are transferred to the secure Internet payment provider Datatrans AG, PCI compliant, where you are able to pay on-line with your credit card for the requested service. Your credit card details are handled by Datatrans AG. Your card is debited when Happybus confirms your booking. If Happybus cannot accept your booking your credit card is not debited.

When booking is done within 96 hours before start of service/ transfer or by individual phone or e-mail bookings, Happybus asks you for your credit card details and forwards them to Datatrans AG.

The booked services are exclusively paid by credit card. Only Happybus can allow another way of payment (bank transfer or cash). This has to be agreed specifically before with Happybus.

Should your credit card payment not be accepted by Datatrans AG, the payment cancelled before the beginning of service, it will be considered as a cancellation of your booking and the cost for cancellation is to be paid. Happybus can ask for extra handling cost. Should the payment be withdrawn after service rendered or the payment not be done, the full price is owed and Happybus can ask for an adequate compensation for extra work.

11) Prices

11.1 Private transfers

Prices are indicated based on the number of people. Should there be a superior number of passengers when picking up than booked, transportation is only possible if the car has the available seats and additional seats are paid in CHF cash to the driver before getting in (credit card payments can only be made with Happybus during office hours). Happybus or the driver are not obliged to accept cash payments in foreign currency. Cash payments in foreign currency can be accepted at the current Exchange rate.

11.2 Shuttle transfers

The prices are per person for this service.

11.3 General information re prices

The quoted prices are in CHF inclusive all taxes and contributions. Booked prices are definitive. No insurance is included in the prices.

If prices are indicated in foreign currency (e.g. $, £, €) these are indicative prices and are not binding for Happybus. In that case the definitive price in CHF is fixed in foreign currency the day of firm booking.

12) Pick up place, hours, delayed arrival

12.1 When booking with Happybus you have to give details regarding your arrival (incl. mobile phone number with possibility to contact you) pick up place for transfers or other transport services (respectively your holiday address) or meeting point for other activities.

Your pick up address at Geneva airport is always at the Swiss exit.

If you arrive late, please contact immediately Happybus. The corresponding telephone numbers are on your email booking confirmation.

12.2. Private Transfers

Private airport transfers are direct transports to your holiday address. Additional stops are subject to additional payment.

Should you not be at the booked hour and pick up place, Happybus respectively the driver will try to contact you and find out your arrival time. Happybus respectively the driver will do its best to clarify the situation without you having the right to have any claim for it. In any case, time costly and expensive clarifying situations are not undertaken.

Happybus respectively the driver will wait for you at the agreed time. If Happybus or the driver is waiting longer it is only Happybus’ or the drivers’ choice to do so, you are not entitled to claim for it or to deduce any right from it. Private transfers include one hour waiting time, any additional started waiting hour will be invoiced CHF 75/hour separately either by credit card or cash.

12.3 Shuttle service

You are to be at a fixed hour at a fixed place. In case of late arrival the driver cannot wait for you. If you cannot get on the booked shuttle upon your request you can get booked on a later shuttle if any running and if seats are available. Happybus can offer you its assistance and no claim from your side can be accepted for transfer of booking.

In case of no show, or respectively if no booking change is possible, the cost for cancellation is applicable.

13) Change of booking, cancellation of booking

If you wish to modify your booking (date, hour, pick up place, flight changes or passengers number change) inform Happybus as quickly as possible by email up to 96 hours before travel date, within 96 hours exclusively by telephone. Happybus will try to be helpful and meet your requirements but you have no rights for it.

Drivers cannot take any booking changes. All changes have to be handled by the Happybus office staff.


If you cancel the booked service, the following cancellation costs are applied for immediate payment:

Administration cost – please note a 5% charge will be made on any cancellation, irrespective of the date, to cover admin costs.

21+ Days – 5% of the order value for administration fee

21 -14 days – 50%

13 – 8 days – 75%

7 – 0 days, no show – 100%

Payment of cancellation and service costs are made to your credit card.

14) Modifications and cancellations made by Happybus

Happybus is authorized to make modifications at unpredictable and unavoidable situations (e. g, road conditions, accidents, blocked and closed roads, administration measures, weather conditions) and change the departure hours or the foreseen route or the use of another car or other transport means.

If acts of god, administration measures, closed access to the booked destination or other not predictable and avoidable circumstances make the execution of the booked service very difficult, dangerous or impossible, Happybus is entitled to cancel the service even with a very short notice. In this case Happybus is not responsible for the damage occurred to you. Happybus will try to offer an alternative service. You have no right to ask Happybus for taking various measures. If the alternative service is more expensive than the initially booked service, the extra charges are at your expense.

15) Time of journey

Times of journey mentioned on Internet, bookings and/or other documents are strictly of general information and Happybus is not committed to them in any way. They can differ. You have no right to ask to stick to the duration of the journey.

16) Entry formalities, departure

16.1 You are entirely responsible for valid entry papers. Please include sufficient time for entry formalities (control of passports and customs). Citizens of the EU can be controlled by customs. Minimum 45 minutes are calculated between timetable estimated flight arrival time in Geneva and departure of Happybus transfer. On arrival of long distance flights longer exit delays have to be foreseen.

16.2 For return journeys to the airport sufficient time has to be calculated. Due to high traffic conditions, bad road and weather conditions the time of transfer can last longer than planned. Happybus is not responsible for keeping of the transfer times and can under no circumstances be hold responsible and liable for missed flights or other damages of any kind.

17) Use and Privacy policies

See our use and privacy policies.

18) Language

English is the only valid language of Terms and Conditions and Privacy. The other language versions are only for the visitors’ information and are not binding for Happybus.

19) Your responsibility

If you are making any damage to Happybus vehicles or its employees or third party companies used by Happybus, you are responsible for that damage.

20) Happybus responsibility

The owner of the used buses is responsible for transfers and other services given with motor cars according to the Swiss traffic rules and regulations. The holder has made the insurances according to the law for traffic.

For damages not applying to the Swiss traffic rules and regulations, Happybus is only responsible if hit for its own gross fault (inclusive heavy negligence). Happybus is not legally responsible for auxiliary persons and used third companies. The responsibility is reduced to the immediate damage. In no way Happybus is responsible for consecutive damage, lost profit or damage with legal sanction. Remain reserved other responsibility restrictions or responsibility exclusions in these general terms and conditions, the privacy policy or other applicable legal requirements.

These responsibility restrictions and responsibility exclusions are also valid for Happybus employees.

These responsibility regulations are valid for contractual or out of contract claims.

21) Competent time

For calculation of the working days and time the middle European time (MEZ, UTC + 1:00 hour) respectively middle European summer time (MESZ, UTC + 2 :00 hours) is valid. Sundays and bank holidays are depending on Swiss law.

22) Other regulations

If some regulations of these general terms and conditions or of the general use and privacy policy are not valid, then they should be replaced by regulations, which are correct by law and approach as close as possible the purpose of the invalid regulations.

Happybus can modify at any time these general terms and conditions or general use and privacy regulations without any notice. Valid are always the terms and conditions used at time of booking.

23) Applicable law and court of jurisdiction

All relations to Happybus are submitted to Swiss law. The parties agree for exclusive court of jurisdiction CH-1093 La Conversion, Switzerland.

Happybus Sàrl, Rte de Corsy 15, CH-1093 La Conversion, Suisse, Tel +41 (21) 791 24 22