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Use policy and privacy policy of Happybus

These general regulations about use and privacy policies are valid for all visitors of the website and pages of HappyBus Sàrl, CH-1093 La Conversion (called Happybus). If you visit this Internet page or book services with Happybus, you accept the general use and privacy policy regulations. If you book services over the website, you accept the general terms and conditions too. (link)

Happybus is entitled to modify anytime and without previous notice the content or functions of this internet page, to change and reduce temporarily or definitely its content and functions partially or totally. For the visitor the only valid general use and privacy regulations are the ones shown on the time of visiting.

Further to his visit on Happybus’s web pages the visitor cannot derive any rights to his benefit against Happybus or third parties.

The services and published proposals are not binding offers for Happybus and are not acceptance engaging Happybus under any legal title.

2)Immaterial property rights, copyright etc
The indications, pictures, logos etc shown on the web page are subject to copyright and cannot be used, copied or modified in any form for commercial nor official purposes. In the same way the Internet pages cannot be reproduced, linked or connected to other pages or used as a whole or partially.

3) Suspension of responsibility
The available informations on this Internet page have been gathered carefully. However Happybus refuses any responsibility for their correctness or accuracy (including responsibility for minor negligence). The visitor decides himself if he/she wants to use the information on this web page or not.

Happybus is under no legal title responsible for the consequences of the use, resp. not use of the informations and indications, products and services or their consequences connected with. This suspension of responsibility includes all kinds of damages, as e.g. direct or indirect, actual or not actual damage, lost profit, indirect damage,consequential loss and damages compensation with penal action.

Responsibility is excluded by any legal title for damage made by viruses, spy programmes and other damaging computer programmes.

This suspension of responsibility is also applicable to all Happybus employees or used third companies used by Happybus.

4) Access to the Interrnet page
The user of this Internet page has no claim for access to this web page. Happybus can block totally or partially without giving previous notice at any time and without giving reasons for the access to this web page in general or for some individual visitors.

5) Links of Internet pages of third (service) providers
The webpage of Happybus can contain links to third (service) providers. These Internet pages are not run by Happybus. Happybus is not responsible for their content, the indications mentioned on their pages nor for the keeping of legal requirements (especially but not exclusively the privacy policy) by the owners of these pages.

6) Privacy policy and contact by Happybus
When visiting Happybus web site and pages various datas are collected for statistical purposes and use. (e.g. date, time of visit, IP address, viewed pages etc). The evaluation of these indications is anonymous and does not allow any conclusion on the visitor.

In order to be able to book a service, you are obliged to register on Happybus web pages. The indicated datas are transmitted to Happybus and stored according to Swiss law.

You are responsible that the given datas are valid. Any changes have to be given immediately to Happybus. Happybus will transmit possible informations (as e.g. booking confirmation and other information regarding execution of contract) on your email address and if necessary on other addresses (see general terms and conditions (link) or contact you by phone under the indicated phone number.

In addition Swiss privacy law is applied.

7) Cookies
Happybus web site uses cookies. Cookies are used for better use of the web page. Cookies are part of the browser software system. They store on your computer indications on the use of the web page. By the use of cookies Happybus recognizes your computer when you use our web pages again.

You can modify at any time the functions of the cookies in your browser, excluding totally or partially their use. If you don’t want cookies, under certain circumstances the use of our internet page may be less comfortable or certain functions are excluded.

According to your browser software cookies can be deleted on your hard disk.

8) Transmission of datas on third parties
The indications made by you will be handled to third parties only as much as is necessary for the correct execution of the contract (eventually also on abroad), or because of law or administration order we could be obliged.

The datas given by you will be stored in Switzerland.

All rights are reserved for transmission of the datas for legal protection of the visitor, for protection and rights of Happybus, for keeping the general use policy and terms and conditions of Happybus and remedying of technical difficulties.

9) Use of datas
Happybus needs your data for exact execution of your contract. They are also used for the improvement of Happybus services, either in modifying the offers, improving the functions of the Internet pages or for analyzing, marketing or advice reasons.

Happybus will use your datas to inform you on Happybus offers.

When booking or on occasion of a visit you have registered on-line communication, you allow Happybus to send you from time to time information about our offers. You can cancel this service any time by using the corresponding link on the information page.

10) Language
German is the only valid language of Terms and Conditions and Privacy. The other language versions are only for the visitors information and are not binding for Happybus.

11) Your responsibility
If you are making any damage to Happybus or its employees or third party companies used by Happybus, you are responsible for that damage.

12) Other regulations
If some regulations of these general use and privacy policies are not valid, then they should be replaced by regulations, which are correct by law and approach as close as possible the purpose of the invalid regulations.
Happybus can modify at any time these general use and privacy policies without any notice. Valid are always the conditions used at time of booking.

13) Applicable law and court of jurisdiction
This Internet page is submitted to Swiss law. Exclusive court of jurisdiction is CH-1093 La Conversion, Switzerland

Contact information
You can contact Happybus:
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Telefax +41 (21) 791 32 84
E-mail : info@www.happybus.ch