Private Airport Transfers to Gruyères

Happybus provided private Geneva airport transfers services to Gruyères all year-round. Our chauffeur driven private transfers include personalized airport pick ups and a door-to-door transfer services to Gruyères.We are happy to accommodate special requests for additional services such as business events, courier services, sight-seeing and ramble tours with guides.

Your airport transfer time by minibus or coach to Gruyères from:

Geneva airport 1h10 minutes
Bern airport 1 hour
Sion airport 1h10 minutes
Zürich airport 2 hours
Basel Mulhouse airport 1h50 minutes
Lyon airport 2h50 minutes
Milan airport 3h45minutes
Strasbourg airport 3h25minutes

Altitude of Gruyères : From 739 – 1 174 metres

Language : French

Gruyères in french speaking western Switzerland (canton of Fribourg) is at the boarder with german speaking Saanenland (Bernese Oberland). La Gruyère region together with Pays d’Enhaut are situated in the Prealps, mountains of an average hight of 2000 metres. Many old farmhouses and typical old chalets in the country side. It’s a small touristy region with high fun potential.

The pre-Alpine character of the La Gruyère region lends itself to magnificent bike tours, the loop from Charmey to the vantage point of La Berra and back is excellent proof.

Summer cheese hike ! Discover the glorious natural landscape of the Gruyères region on a two-hour hike from Pringy to Moléson-Village (or viceversa). The hike links two cheese dairies; visit both to receive a souvenir certificate. Bobsleigh ride upon the Moléson. Take a seat in a bob and listen to the instructions, then get yourself pulled up to the top of the run by a cable.

For the lazier ones, a funicular and cable-car take you to the top of the Moléson (altitude 2’002 m), where the world’s most powerful binoculars reveal an impressive panorama. During the day, the observatory’s binoculars offer you a 360° observation field, from Lake Geneva to the Jura and from the Mont-Blanc to the summits of the Bernese Oberland.

For the greedy ones, there is the famous and inimitable Gruyères AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controlée /protected designation of origin) cheese and chocolate at Cailler factory.  Try a cheese fondue in one of the local restaurants, especially the one half/half Gruyères AOC and Fribourg Vacherin and have a visit and tasting at the Cailler chocolate factory in Broc. You will remember the visits and the days.

All over the world gourmets and experts appreciate Gruyère AOC for its unique flavour. This popular cheese has been made for centuries in the countryside around the village of Gruyères, and today is still produced in the traditional way in the cheese dairies of western Switzerland.

To make one wheel of cheese weighing 35 kg, around 400 litres of fresh raw milk are needed. The cows that provide this precious raw material spend the summer feeding on meadow grass, and the winter feeding on hay. No additives to the cows’ diet are permitted. During the long aging period, the cheeses are regularly turned over and rubbed with brine, which accelerates the aging process from the rind inward, and helps to give Gruyère AOC its unique flavour. The AOC label (appellation d’origine contrôlée / protected designation of origin) guarantees that only cheese that meets the strict quality control requirements and relevant specifications can be sold as Gruyère AOC.

For the thirsty of history visit the old town of Gruyères with it’s many medieval and renaissance houses and Gruyères Castle. History over 800 years in a small town. Many events each month. From mid-may to mid-September musical entertainment with the Alphorn players and the flag-thrower in the town of Gruyères. The musicians begin with their tour at the fountain and make several stops on the way to the castle.

Electrobroc – Enjoy the magical energy. 100 years Electrobroc power station. This hydroelectric power station opens its doors during school holidays and some week-ends to visitors to discover the world of energy during a guided tour. Company producing 1 330 GWh mainly by renewable energies due to hydrolic energy souces. 11 hydrolic power stations, 8 dams, 3 small power plants and 3 thermal power plants. Supplies energy to 460 000 persons in the area.

Learn the secrets of alpine flowers with a passionate expert on the Moléson tracks or pre alpine flora in the “Parc naturel régional Gruyère- Pays d’Enhaut with Gregor Kozlowski.

The Moléson Via Ferrata! You are invited to an exceptional evening, in which you will be present or involved in the lighting of the Moléson Via Ferrata. The lifts are free of charge to those who elect to do the climb.

The Open Bike Haute-Gruyère is a big festival of mountain biking in which everyone, both large and small, can take advantage both of a splendid route through 6 villages of Intyamon and a friendly, festive atmosphere in the village of Grandvillard.

418th «Schafscheid folk fair. This fair takes place every year on the Monday of the Federal Fast (Jeûne fédéral). It’s the day that the sheep are brought down to the village to be sold, after several months high up on the mountainsides.

Alpine Festival with Alpine descent of the cattle. Flower decorated herds and cowherds in traditional costume (bredzon) return to the flat lowlands after four months spent in the mountains. Cows, heifers, sheep and goats pass through the villages of Charmey and Albeuve from 09.00 hours onward. A folklore market with musical entertainment and displays round off the traditional side of this event. Locality: Charmey. Procession of cattle being driven down from the mountains in Albeuve.

Gruyères is one of the most popular drop offs and excursion places HappyBus is proposing. Can be combined with other castles and sight-seeing destinations around Lake Geneva , Pays d’Enhaut, such as Rougemont or Bernese Oberland, Gstaad and Interlaken, Bern city and capital of Switzerland. Chillon Castle 1 hour drive from Gruyères.

We will be happy to organize your transfers and excursions to Gruyères.

Happybus minibus and coach service operates all year round from Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Bern, Sion, Lyon, Milano and Strasbourg airports to Gruyères.

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